Humming Birds (autobio fiction)

“Amy, you’re gonna get it,” Nikki tells me.  I’m hiding between the lilac bushes, Barbie’s head in my hand.  It’s our weekend at our father’s house. “What’d you use?” “Daddy John’s knife.”  I’m not afraid.  My father is harmless, even almost afraid of us.  It’s my stepfather I’m scared of. “I’m telling!” And off she … Read More


A Trauma Theory

It was my third year in college when I first heard the term string theory. I remember moving forward slightly, anxious for what he’d say next, and as the professor strolled over quantum physics and how this theory could explain all the forces of nature—what it could reveal, the dark mysteries it could possess— I … Read More


A Beginning (“Small Parts”)

Cold January cracks through the diamond patterned lines on the security glass. The winter sun blinds my puffy eyes, stretches across my white blanket, my white sheets. Everything is white. I look for it in my gut—the comfort of warm familiar glows and dawn, but there is none. And the empty nothingness overwhelms me to … Read More



The pop and snap of prescription pill bottles, swallow, light, inhale, scrape of the chair, cluster of tap-tap-taps on the keys, a silence— beyond this room, beyond this wall I can almost hear you—the soil sifting, seeds spreading out, dry in your palm; folds of light robes around you like birds’ wings—your child asleep on … Read More

black and white scenic landscape wallpaper hd (16)

Darkness Starts

by Christian Wiman Darkness Starts By Christian Wiman A shadow in the shape of a house slides out of a house and loses its shape on the lawn. Trees seek each other as the wind within them dies. Darkness starts inside of things but keeps on going when the things are gone. Barefoot careless in … Read More

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